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Hi there, You can fill out surveys to achieve free credits, once you have your free credits you can buy free Vip. Easy as it sounds; Personally, I find these surveys are a major pain in the butt. I once filled out surveys for at least 7 hours straight. You know what my earnings were? 20 or so credits... (Barely anything). My own source of VIP though is my friend who buys me credits. I had not even met him but he found my personality to be bold and invigorating, so he gave me like 50 credits for no reason. Not to mention we were complete strangers...

Any who, you can also play games such as: Falling Furniture, Kick The Ugly, and Telephrase; to win prizes such as credits and furniture. If you win furniture you can sell it in coin shops, or you just might meet someone super nice though who will give you free stuff.

My last answer to you would be begging. I honestly pity and loathe beggars, but if you beg for 1 credit, you might just get one. From there you can move on to other people, and eventually you could end up with 20 credits.

Hope this helped. Kay, thnx bai!

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